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This blog will have all kinds of posts about Wally McClure. In it, there will be tons of .NET and computer programming posts as well as Wally's views on life in general. As you might guess, this site and blog help you get More Wally in your life. What more could anyone want? iPhone, Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Mobile, HTML5, .NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, ASP.NET AJAX, and Windows Azure............follow me on twitter at Wally

December 2011 - Posts

  • Enabling IIS 7.5 for Anonymous Access with ASP.NET

    I write and test lots of simple applications on my system.  To be honest, while security is good, it is a hassle, and honestly, for my needs it's more hassle than its worth.

    The question becomes how to I enable anonymous access for my web application and samples.  I found that there were two things I had to do:

    • In the ASP.NET section -> .NET authorization.  Make sure that Anonymous users are allowed.  I thought that "All Users"meant anonymous, but it doesn't.  You have to specifically add Anonoymous.
    • In the IIS section -> Authentication.  Make sure that Anonymous Authentication is enabled.

    Admittedly, you may/not need both of these.  This is what I did to get my sample code working.  Many thanks to Scott Forsyth for his help over IM on this.


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  • Mono for Android 1.x to 2.0 changes in the Menus

    In case you missed it, the Android.Views.MenuConsts enum has changed to Android.Views.Menu.  The Android.Views.MenuConsts enum is listed as obsolete.

  • How do you get the Virtual Keyboard (aka Soft Keyboard) in the Android 4.0 Emulator?

    Ok, getting the Android 4.0 emulator is not obvious.  In previous versions, I had set the "Keyboard Support" to yes.  I did that this time, and nothing.  I played with touch support, and no luck as well.  I finally had to beg to my Android contact for some help.  After much discussion, he pointed me towards Android Virtual Keyboard 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwichturning off the "Keyboard Support" (aka setting the value to no).  Really?  Really?  Ok seriously, I'm glad that this is now working as I thought it should, and that the virtual keyboard support actually looks right in the Ice Cream Sandwich emulator.  But, this is also stupid.  This value is the exact opposite of previous settings.  While I am glad that this now works, the fact that the value is the exact opposite of previous settings is a hassle.
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